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If you’ve ever read research on medical marijuana, you know that it is unquestionably fascinating information. Also, the National Institute of Health is currently still researching even more on the known benefits of using pot in medical patients. Today, it’s not just cancer patients that see benefits, but more and more deteriorating health issues are being helped by marijuana. Today’s scientists are studying what each part of the medical marijuana plant does to help certain medical issues. Next they are trying to target particular issues in various diseases to see if pot can in fact help. And did you know that currently, scientists are studying medical marijuana’s effect on HIV and AIDS? It’s fascinating. Also the scientists are even testing particular chemicals against MS. They want to know if they can target a chemical in marijuana that can help diseases affecting our immune systems. Currently, the known chemicals in medical marijuana can help patients with their inflammation, pain, seizures, and sometimes with substance abuse issues. It can even help with mental disorders. Research has found out a lot already, and currently the National Institute on Drug Abuse is researching the long term side effects of the drug. Also, scientists want to know if children and adolescents can be safely treated with medical marijuana. They want to know if there are going to be any long term effects from exposing a child to medical marijuana. Also, research is being done with the safety of expectant mothers using medical marijuana. Can the THC actually help with the young mother’s nausea issues or will it disfigure her fetus? Will there be any lasting long term effects to the child, or could using the pot simply help the mother? It is all unquestionably amazing stuff. What an exciting time for the medical world!

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How you can lower anxiety

Which chemicals found in pot help medical patients? Did you know that there are particular ingredients in medical marijuana that help out particular complications? I always assumed that medical marijuana involved people smoking joints to make themselves feel better, but it’s way more involved than that. It’s way more scientific than that, and there is an ingredient in marijuana that is called cannabinoids. A single marijuana plant has over 100 cannabinoids in it and this is the ingredient which helps patients out. There are 2 main portions to cannabinoids: there is THC plus CBD. The THC is used for cancer patients to reduce nausea and increase appetite. When going through chemotherapy, the THC is what is has been helping most of these patients. The chemo makes it basically impossible to keep any food down due to the nausea it causes. THC is what helps them feel better, gain a little bit of weight, and even regain color in their face. THC gets flack because this is what gets people high; so while many of us don’t like the idea of letting a bunch of sick people get high, the ingredients in marijuana actually do help more than harm. And really, if you are someone who is going through cancer, then getting high a few times is not that bad of a thing! Smoke up! Have a little enjoyment. Also, CBD is not a chemical that gets you high, even though it can reduce your pain levels and inflammation (and stop seizures.) This element has been known to even help mental illness and control some types of addictions. Most epilepsy patients use CBD as well. The National Institutes of Health are still currently completing research on more benefits of marijuana THC and CBD.

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I used to be absolutely against marijuana legalization. I figured that the people who were for it just wanted to get high all of the time, and smoke joints in public, stink up restaurants, and negatively influence our youngest generation. I am not a smoker. I’ve never even smoked before. At first, I was against pot because of the recreational use. Honestly, if you smoke enough marijuana, you have no brain cells left! You can’t talk well, remember anything, and you can’t even function properly. That’s the part I was against. Recently I had a friend named Brian who talked to me about marijuana, and he believes in legalizing pot for medical purposes. We talked for a while and now he has me convinced that legalization is not a bad thing. I was picturing a bunch of people smoking joints whenever they want and I even thought that medical marijuana patients smoked joints, too! Well, that is absolutely is not true, and most medical marijuana patients use oils or edibles in order to get what they need for relief. Also, the medical marijuana patients are not trying to get high at all. In fact, most patients take medical marijuana without the mind altering ingredient, which can be suppressed. The patients only get what they need from the plant. In cancer patients, medical marijuana is stopping their nausea. It also increases their appetites! And epilepsy patients use marijuana to help stop their seizures. How can I possibly be against that? Sure, marijuana used to excess is bad, but really, what isn’t? I am now totally for legalizing it all the way.

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Sativa marijuana

Epilepsy is the condition when nerves in the brain are disturbed and it causes seizures. I used to think that seizures were really dangerous and even painful; if you have ever seen someone have a seizure, it does look very painful. In actuality, though, the seizures are fairly harmless. It is way more traumatic for the people who see the person having a seizure than for the person having it! This is because there certainly is not that much pain associated with seizures, although they occasionally occur with a sudden burst of terror. That part can be very traumatic for the child undergoing a seizure, but it’s  not really painful. If the seizure goes on for an extended time, scarring to the brain can occur though. Childhood epilepsy is a real issue, even though there are quite a few cases where teenagers outgrow them; what if you worried that your child might not grow out of them, though? And also, what about the adults who must deal with epilepsy? There is help available for this condition in the form of medical marijuana. An ingredient in medical marijuana called cannabinoids is the same ingredient that the body  produces to regulate pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, etc. The cannabinoids in medical marijuana can help seizure patients because it helps with control. The cannabinoids can control seizures, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), and even Dravet syndrome in teenagers. This portion of medical marijuana can certainly work miracles. Yes, it is also the ingredient that gets you high, so there may be side effects to using cannabinoids. But when you have an issue that is traumatizing to you or others, then sometimes it might be necessary to take the bad with the good.

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A big issue that people are talking about in our country today is legalizing marijuana. There are lots of people who are up in arms that this plant basically will become the next gateway drug to harder substance abuse! I do not agree that this is true. And honestly, marijuana is just too useful to ignore. If we would only treat it the way we treat alcohol, then the younger generation will react to it accordingly. Marijuana should absolutely be legalized and have regulations placed on it just like alcohol. However, medical marijuana should always be accessible in any state, at any age. There are so many benefits to it when it comes to medical purposes. That’s the part of the debate that I don’t understand. We have no problem with allowing alcohol to be legal when all it does is cause us concern. So many people die from it plus it hinders your mind, and cigarettes are legal even though they cause lung cancer. And then marijuana is not legal even though there are a ton of benefits in taking it. It makes no sense. Now, there are chemicals in marijuana that can cause concern: cannabinoids in marijuana, the ingredient that alters your mind, is what gets you high. But this ingredient can be bred out of the plant, and then you can use the medical plant without getting any of it at all. The plant can be used only help you! But even cannabinoids have useful health purposes, so even the ingredient people are distraught about is quite useful. Cancer, epilepsy, and more health issues have shown marked improvement when treated with medical marijuana. So tell me why we are so adamant about restricting this miracle cure? We should ban alcohol and cigarettes since they have no benefit, not marijuana.

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I’m glad medical marijuana is legal

The two of us would like to increase the awareness of ways to access better legal marijuana. The Food, Drug, and regular Administration recently decided to obtain many different strands of marijuana to investigate for research purposes. Before many different people could grow marijuana strains, there were only a few extensive research facilities that were able to legally grow cannabis with in the states. Through much extensive research, some consumers are now allowed to purchase medical marijuana for medical marijuana dispensaries that happen to be located in more than half a dozen United States. Even recreational use of medicinal marijuana is allowed in a number of states in our Union. Since the research has not been conducted in only a handful of studies, there are still many advancements that could help thousands of numbers of people. If our scientist would be able to focus on the better side of facts, rather than the rest associated with medical marijuana, then perhaps we could effectively think of ways to use cannabis to treat epilepsy and a number of other painful disorders. Medical marijuana is much less expensive of an alternative than some of the other conventional medicines, so it is only a time before the two of us can start using medical marijuana over the counter. Some research facilities have found that cannabinoids are great at suppressing combat pain and neurological functional disorders. There are some great uses for medical marijuana out there, but we need more scientists to do proper research. Time will allow us to determine the long term effects of using medical marijuana by the community.

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Facts about cannabis

There has been an decreasing awareness for legal a marijuana over the past two decades. With a numerous amount of scientist viewing the advantages of medicinal marijuana, there have been advancements in the health benefits for this type of use. Our Food and Drug Administration recently allowed several different places to apply for marijuana growers licenses. These marijuana growers would be for research, but up until now, only three different places were able to grow or harvest medicinal marijuana. After an extensive amount of medicinal marijuana research, a lot of properties have been singled out to be used for medical purposes. One of the strains is called CBD, or cannabinoids. Cannabinoids can be used to treat many different types of neurological disorders, seizures, in addition to chronic pain. The best thing about cannabinoids, is that it can take away the pain in addition to the fact that there is no other effect. The brain does not have any high or disoriented feeling. Consumers throughout our country can now legally buy medical marijuana from more than 100 different dispensaries located in more than 13 different states. Recreational use of marijuana happens to be legal in a few States at this point, in addition to the fact that research shows the number will double over the next three years. With the use of medicinal marijuana on the rise, more in addition to more people are realizing that there are several health benefits to this small plant. Medical marijuana can be a great source of treatment for many different types of problems that affect the men in addition to women of our country today.

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This is why you want medical cannabis

Scientists throughout the past two decades, have looked into all of the problems with using medical marijuana. There seems to be a rising awareness over time, because there is now a much different access to marijuana. Even the FDA has recently allowed many institutions to apply for permits in order to grow marijuana legally. A long time ago, there were only a few medical facilities that had permits to grow marijuana. These types of places were usually research facilities or universities. These types of places were doing extensive background research into the compounds that have healing power within the cannabis plants. These types of compounds are cannabinoids, and they are often used in CBD oil. The federal government will not change marijuana as a drug, especially not until scientists have done the proper amount of research. Half of our country still believes that marijuana is a bad problem in our country. Half of our country is ready to agree that medical marijuana is a new wave of the future. I am hopeful that the regulations will change soon, because every one of us would like to focus on the good as well as positive uses of marijuana. Marijuana usage as well as cannabis, has been effectively used to treat many types of painful disorders. It can be much cheaper to grow, as well as the prices to sell it over the counter are far less than any type of drug on the market today. With so many uses for medical marijuana, it’s hard to believe that it is not legal everywhere.

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I have read a lot about the health benefits plus terrible drawbacks of medicinal marijuana. Scientists have been doing research for many years, so there is an increasing awareness of medical plus legal marijuana. The FDA only allows specific institutions to grow marijuana, plus these are only for intense of research. Researchers were only able to study cannabis by having it obtained from the University of Mississippi. Expansive Research into cannabis has been overdue for quite some time. There are chemical compounds known as cannabinoids inside of the medical marijuana, plus these are needing to be studied in order to find out how they can help to combat seizures, chronic pain, plus all types of neurological diseases. Our government still wants to consider marijuana to be a drug, though it has medical marijuana it. Consumers can only purchase weed at dispensaries in some states. More than half of the country still is without the use of medical marijuana for debilitating disease. Federal guidelines regulations have hindered all of the research plus advancements that could have been made over the past few decades. Since more people can now grow medical marijuana for research, there will be a bigger focus on the effects plus risk of marijuana studies. Cannabis can be an effective plus affordable treatment for many different types of people plus many different types of ailments. I have read many studies that show how well cannabis can be used to treat diseases such as glaucoma, nausea, and the simplest of anxiety disorders. Cannabis is Affordable for many, which would eliminate the need for medical insurance.


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Scientists have been looking into the health benefits and drawbacks of medicinal marijuana for years.  Although there is a rising awareness and greater access to legal marijuana, the FDA has only recently allowed any institution to apply for permission to grow marijuana for research purposes.  Before this, researchers were only able to obtain the drug from the University of Mississippi in Oxford.  More extensive research into the chemical compounds found in cannabis has been long overdue.   The chemical compounds are called cannabinoids, and are crucial for developing strains of different strengths to combat chronic pain, seizures and neurological disorders.  Since the federal government still considers marijuana as a drug without medical merit, scientists have struggled to obtain cannabis for necessary research.  Consumers are able to buy weed from dispensaries in more than half the country.  Recreational marijuana use is legal in a number of states.  At this point, however, research is restricted to a handful of strains grown by a single source.  These regulations have hindered research and advancement which could help thousands of people.  Hopefully the change in regulations about growing pot for research will allow more diverse and extensive testing.  Rather than focus entirely on harmful side effects and the risks of marijuana use, it’s time to explore the many health benefits.  Cannabis has been shown to effective in treating anxiety, nausea, glaucoma, epilepsy, pain and a long list of disorders.  Since it is far less expensive than conventional medicines, cannabis is an affordable treatment.  It is also entirely natural, which eliminates the harmful side effects of traditional medication.  

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