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When my best acquaintance and I were looking at schools for school, we sincerely didn’t think we would get accepted to the same school. We had been putting applications into various state schools, and a few out of state schools. When both of us were both accepted to this one particular college, our parents were not very excited that it was located almost a thousand miles away. They were entirely disappointed that our school was located in a state that has legalized medical marijuana too! Our parents worried that we would get hooked on using marijuana and forget all about school as well as our classes… It seriously was strange seeing people smoking cannabis all over the place. Honestly, it was a totally shocking for both of us. When both of us decided to go to our first fraternity house party, all the people were using marijuana for the thrill of it. My best acquaintance and I tried it out, but we didn’t like the effects that it had on our brain and body. I couldn’t remember much from that evening, and I didn’t have any alcohol in the least. The next morning, I woke up in the frat house and I could smell cannabis all around me. It smelled awful and I wanted to throw up. That was the first and only time that I have ever tried cannabis, and I don’t believe I will try medical marijuana either. A lot of my school friends use cannabis every single day, although I want to keep my mind 100 percent clear and free of debris. I find it rather hard to focus, when my mind is not clear and stable. I still have a ways to go before I obtain my degree in engineering. I’m expecting to find a job closer to home, so I can get out of this ludicrous state.

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Many years ago, farming marijuana became legal in our state. My brother as well as I inherited twenty acres of farmland from our father and we didn’t think we could really do anything with it. When both of us heard about growing legal marijuana, we loved the idea of getting into the growing business of medical marijuana! We researched all the information we could, so both of us would know precisely how to care for marijuana plants. My brother as well as I built a humongous irrigation system, so all of our plants would be hydrated properly. We studied all sorts of books on how to grow marijuana in our climate. By the time we had our first huge harvest, there were quite a few other marijuana farms in our area. Most of the marijuana that is farmed in our state, is utilized for medical treatments. A majority of the marijuana that is grown on my farm is sold off to independently owned marijuana dispensaries. We now grow several different strains of medical marijuana. We currently have two acres of NYC diesel, two acres of pineapple express, as well as the rest is Maui Wowie. My brother as well as I have managed to turn our farm into a giant marijuana empire for medicinal cannabis. There are constantly new laws as well as regulations coming into place, so it’s important to keep up with the laws for our business. Not so long ago we hired several more workers to help chop as well as trim the plants. In another few months, we wish to purchase an additional several acres of farmland, which is located on the opposite side of the road. That land was actually used for soybeans in the past, even though I figure I can get marijuana to grow easily on that side of the mountain.

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My aunt was diagnosed with cancer, close to six years back. She is in remission now, but the battle for her life has been long as well as difficult. My aunt was seriously sick for a long time, before she found out that she was suffering from a certain type of cancer. When my aunt was diagnosed, my sibling as well as I were merely youngsters. I definitely can remember when the two of us heard about my aunt acquiring medical cannabis to help her situation. At that time, no one knew all of the effects of medical cannabis. My aunt used the medical cannabis to help with her extreme nausea. She was always sick from the intense chemotherapy… The medical cannabis helped to calm my aunt’s stomach, as well as caused her to be hungry so she could keep her strength up. One day after school, my sibling came back to our residence as well as found my aunt was asleep. She had her jar of medical cannabis on the dresser in her room. My sibling decided to try the medical cannabis since it was easy to get at. I felt that my aunt would skin him alive. She was mad for a long while, and we were definitely punished for going into her room. My sibling was affected by the medical cannabis for just a few hours. That was the last time that my aunt used cannabis in our residence. She locked up the jar in the garage, as well as kept the key on her basically all of the time. Now that my sibling as well as I are adults, we are well aware of the effects that cannabis can have when you consume it. My aunt doesn’t even use the medical cannabis nowadays, because she has been in remission for the past numerous years. I seriously hope the cancer will not return ever again as well as my aunt will have a fantastic life that is full & complete.

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I’ve been residing by the mountainous region easily for my whole life! About nine years ago, the state government finally made the choice to make medical marijuana legal for everyone to partake of. A few years after that, the lawmakers decided to make marijuana legal for everyone to use in the state… Ever since marijuana was made legal, a lot of things have changed around this place. There are tons of marijuana dispensaries around every corner. Within a relatively short distance from my apartment, I can frequent numerous different medical marijuana dispensaries. These marijuana store fronts have several different types of medical cannabis for sale. Each strain is shown in a jar, and marked with a clear label and THC content. Some of my most favorite strains include Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, and Jagermeister. All of these strains are really great for relieving headaches, back pain, and arthritis pains… My Mom hasn’t used marijuana just yet, but she rubs a special lotion on her legs every night. The special lotion contains CBD oil, an extract from the cannabis plant. My Mom doesn’t prefer the “high” feeling from smoking or ingesting THC, however the CBD oil has really helped significantly with her pain levels. The other good thing about legal marijuana, is all the extra state taxes that are acquired. Our government is using these taxes to take great care of the roads, provide emergency roadside services, and fund better state programs. There are many states that offer marijuana as a pain alternative… If the drug and tobacco companies would just keep their cash out of lawmakers’ pockets, I feel as though cannabis use would be legal all over the nation. That would be a beautiful thing for a number of people who suffer from ailments.


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I move around with my corporation rather often. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the southern half of the country… While I lived there, I easily enjoyed several activities like water skiing, frog gigging, in addition to bodyboarding with my friends. I also spent multiple years hunkered down in the pacific northwest section of the country. I didn’t have fun with all the wonderful outdoor activities, because the weather was extremely freezing! Most weeks we were frosty in addition to ice-cold. It was especially challenging to stay hot in the residence, let alone outside of the residence.  After a few years of ice-cold weather, I was eventually diagnosed with a bad inflammatory disease. This disease causes me to have acute pain in addition to horrible nausea. When I found out that medical cannabis would easily help my symptoms, I thought about moving to a different state that had that available. I found out that my supervisor had a branch in a legal cannabis state which was great news. I asked my corporation to move me to this specific state, after making sure that medical cannabis was legal there. As soon as I became a resident of the state, I filed for a medical cannabis card promptly. My doctor had provided me with the right documentation, so the new physician easily could grant me a medical cannabis card to help with my excruciating symptoms. Ever since I have used medical cannabis, I have seriously found relief from a multitude of disease symptoms. I couldn’t imagine having to be anywhere that makes this medicine illegal. I truly hope that every state will eventually be able to see the vast benefits of medical cannabis. It should be legal in all fifty states!

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I seriously believe that I am a friendly person. I honestly try not to start arguments with people, always look to end them if they do happen, plus generally live by the belief that to each their own… That is why my new roommate Sandra is so antagonizing. She is always doing things that I seriously have a problem with. We moved in together close to 6 months ago, plus it has been one nightmare after the next. Nothing is ever cleaned, picked up, or even piled in the corner at all. Every room in the residence is a mess of her clothes plus personal affects, plus no matter what I say to her, she never listens or does anything about it. The latest annoyance is due to her marijuana smoking. She has a prescription card plus uses medical marijuana legally, however she always loves to smoke in the residence with absolutely no air flow. Windows are closed, fans are turned off, plus vents are closed, and this is so she can fill the residence up with smoke. I have yelled at her about this on plenty of occasions with no effect, plus then she has the audacity to tell me to chill out. She even told me that I should look into getting a prescription for medical cannabis too so that I can calm down a little. What I honestly need is something that keeps her away from me for the rest of my days. I only have another 5 months or so to go on the lease. I seriously hope I will not die from the serious lack of oxygen due to her medical cannabis smoke that fills the residence.

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The dangerous flower

I’ve been around the family farm pretty much for my whole life, & I’m very pleased to say that we’re finally doing something to make some currency for a change. When I was a young boy our farm was always struggling to even make money. The farm has been in the family for well over 100 years, but since corporate farms have been coming in & buying up everything in sight with government subsidies, there isn’t a lot of room for success for small farms. Our luck is finally changing with the legalization of recreational & medical marijuana in our state though. Now we are pretty much free to grow a huge currency maker crop & finally make the farm successful. It’s not only for monetary reasons that I am truly pleased about marijuana being legalized, as there are fantastic benefits from this plant for humans & other mammals too. There is a substance called CBD found in marijuana & the oil extract of that has really great pain relieving properties without the addictive properties of other painkillers like opiates. Medical cannabis is also fantastic for giving people receiving chemo an excellent appetite to eat. Those drug cocktails seem to work at getting rid of cancer, but they also pretty much destroy everything else in their path & usually make patients really sick. From an ethical standpoint, I can’t see one reason not to have medical marijuana legal, & it seems insane to me that it has been illegal for so long. I’m glad to be taking an active position in introducing this plant to our community in a legal sense.

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I grew up out in the midst of nowhere on an aged farm that barely turned a buck… There was consistently something that was broken, whether it was a plow, tractor, or our aged father! Dad liked to drink quite often, or maybe entirely hated it but it seemed that it was necessary. It’s seriously difficult to keep these things straight at times. One thing I know for certain is that we were always completely broke and our parents were incredibly stressed. I had to find a way out of that horrible situation, so I joined the military at 17 with the permission of my parents. I guess they were as happy to see me get out as I was! In time, I got out of the military and ended up in a nice suburban residence with a beautiful family, and was even able to provide some currency to our parents to help them out in their final stretch of time. My mother passed away about a few weeks ago and I inherited the deed to that farm and I didn’t know what to do with it. That was until I was approached by a very promising young entrepreneur with sizable plans. He was going into the medical marijuana farming business and wanted to have our parent’s aged farm. He offered a large amount of cash so I was more than happy to take the deal. From what I was able to figure out, this fellow was one of the select few to get a permit to grow medical cannabis in the state. Medical cannabis was legalized basically a year ago, and this was the state’s way of trying to control its growth. I hope the man is successful with his venture in the medical cannabis industry.

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It’s so insane how much things change throughout the course of a lifetime. I’m way up there in my years now, but I remember in my youth it was totally different than today. I was a teenager during the Civil Rights movement, so I can actually remember what it was like beforehand. I grew up in the South as well as observed things in my own childhood that are seriously unthinkable now. The wheels of society seem to push forward at a slow rate for a little while, as well as then jump to lightspeed at a very crucial moment in history. On a much smaller scale in terms of relevant importance, I guess we are seeing one of those moments at this time. Medical marijuana has hastily picked up the pace as far as legality goes, as well as it’s a trend that will most definitely continue until it’s legal everywhere in the whole world. The reasons behind making cannabis totally against the law are undoubtedly suspicious to begin with. It mainly has to do with William Randolph Hearst using misleading lies to attack marijuana because he was going to lose a great deal of money from it. That is so far in the past though, as well as brilliant minds are able to see the uses medical cannabis has for those who are in need. We really just need to get some stable agreement between the states that have legalized medical marijuana, as well as the federal government that is receiving a lot of pressure to make these changes to the law. This strikes hard at the heart of the law passed years ago due to Hearst’s wicked lies as well as the time to repeal it is long overdue. Not only is there no relevant reason to keep medical marijuana illegal, but it also messes with American freedom.

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The other afternoon I faced a seriously amusing situation that occurred between myself plus one of our local law enforcement officers. I was on my way to my condo from work plus was actually going about 15 MPH over the legal limit. I was completely zoned out listening to music plus didn’t really notice when I went flying by the speed trap in the median. I was entirely taken by surprise when I saw the flashing lights right behind me. I pulled over plus he came up with the “do you know how fast you were going” question. It didn’t take him long to stop and start sniffing hard plus leaning his head in the car. I knew right when he started doing that what he was up to, so I decided to play along with it. I asked if there was a problem plus he said my automobile had a very powerful scent of marijuana. I agreed with him plus then just stared at him blankly. He was totally taken aback and he asked if there was marijuana in the automobile to which I let him know that there certainly was. Right away he wanted me to step out of the automobile plus started calling for backup. That’s the time when I ruined his prospective bust with these words: I have a prescription for medical marijuana. I have a medical cannabis prescription for some complicated health problems, however since the law passed in my state just recently people tend to not remember medical marijuana is legal around here. I simply showed the cop my medical marijuana prescription card plus he seemed to be frustrated. I entirely didn’t get out of the speeding ticket, however that was fun messing with him like that.

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